While we strive to make the best products available we understand things can happen. Our commitment to you is as follows:

Limited Warranty:
warrants its product to be free manufacturer defects, unless specified otherwise, for one year from date of purchase from an authorized dealer. This is a limited warranty and is subject to the following guidelines:
1. Product must be purchased from a current authorized dealer
2. You must have your proof of purchase
3. Product must be used within the guidelines it was intended (normal care of product, weight limits, etc.)

4. Normal wear and tear is expected and not covered under our limited warranty

Exclusions To This Warranty Are:
1. Product purchased through non-authorized sources such as auction houses, third party vendors, liquidation houses, garage sales, closeout retailers and third party web sites.
2. Product that has not been used as intended
3. Product that has been altered or damaged intentionally
4. Fabric and bungee cord
5. Product made by other manufacturers
6. Product preferences such as color or a specific feature
7. Third party repairs
8. Size or fit of an item

9. Replacement items are not covered under warranty

What To Do If You Have A Problem:
1. Because we make custom designed products for all of our retail partners asks that you contact the retailer where you purchased the item to see if they are able to exchange or refund under their store policies.
2. If the retailer is unable to accept the return please email [email protected]
with the subject line of: Warranty Claim and the current day’s date. Please do not call our office. Be sure to include the following:
a). Your name, address and daytime phone number
b.) The product name, item number and where it was purchased
c.) A description of your claim
d.) Please attach the following to your email: Pictures of the product and the defect you are claiming and a copy of your proof of purchase.
e.) Once contacted by a representative you will be issued a warranty claim number. Be sure to keep this number at hand and refer to it at all times during the warranty review process.

f.) Failure to meet any of the above will result in your claim being rejected.

Please note:
1. Under certain circumstances or our representatives may request that product to be returned to us for inspection in resolving the claim. If that is the case will not cover the cost of the item to be shipped back. If your product is determined to be under warranty will ship a replacement or similar item to you without any charge. If it is determined the item is not covered under our warranty we will ship the item back to you at your cost or dispose of at our facility.
2. If your product is determined to be covered under our warranty, and because we make custom designed products for our retail partners, we may or may not have the exact item in stock to replace your product. reserves the right to send an exact replacement or a product of similar quality and function to satisfy the claim.
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